Department of Biomedical Engineering Department

Department of Biomedical Engineering Department


The mission of the Biomedical Engineering Department is to provide timely and cost effective quality services, including safety, to end user in a professional and responsible manner to improve and enhance patient care by supporting all aspects of patient care related medical technology.


The objective of Biomedical Engineering Department is to assess and control the physical and clinical risks of all equipment used in the diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and care of patients.


The goal of Biomedical Engineering Department for facility management and safety includes the following:

• To minimize the clinical and physical risks of medical technology through inspection, testing and maintenance services

• To establish criteria for identifying, evaluating and inventorying equipment’s which are included in the program.

• To provide education to personnel on the capabilities, limitations and special applications of equipment; operating, safety and emergency procedures of equipment; the procedures to follow when reporting equipment management problems, failures and user errors; and the skills and information to perform maintenance activities​